Celebrate our birthday with us!

It’s our 4th birthday for our zombie swat event! Can you believe it?! I guess shooting the undead really does pass the time and today we’re celebrating this milestone with an amazing offer! But let’s rewind back to the good ol’ days …


We’ve been taking on board recruits since May 2012 to train up and put to the test against the impending apocalypse! We’ve lost recruits along the way (not everyone can cut it) and made heroes out of bakers and brick-layers…but they’ve all either come out alive from the depths of Bunker 51 or joined our horde of zombies. Our doctors and military have been our rock, as a reminder of their work we have Jeff who is still with us in spirit.

4 years on and we’re stronger than ever! Although the training is tough, every recruit passes with flying colours (or bullets I should say). From an assault course to target shooting you really are immersed into the world of the undead but don’t be afraid, you are trained by the elite and given the most effective equipment you could have your hands on! More than ever do we need to train recruits and due to popular demand our zombies are stronger too! The battle still goes on, are you up for the challenge? Enemies become friends and strengths outshine weaknesses so what isn’t a great opportunity to show off your leadership skills and team work.

Step inside the battle zone; face your biggest fears and fight to save the world from imminent disaster. WARNING: This event is not for the faint-hearted. Expect big frights, gore and the end of civilization.