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Whitechapel: Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron

“You’ll soon hear of me and my funny little games…” It’s September 29th 1888, the streets of Whitechapel are consumed by fear and everyone’s looking over their shoulders. Explore the Victorian streets of Whitechapel in this immersive theatre production. Read More…
Mud, Sweat & Fear

Mud, Sweat & Fear | One day only – April 1st 2017

Unfortunately, due to a serious accident suffered by our Events Manager, this event was cancelled. We hope to bring it back later in 2017.Read More…

Zombie SWAT London

A specialist group of scientists have been covertly operating in an underground bunker in North Greenwich. For a decade, they’ve remained vigilant to the threat, watching. Waiting… Now, as rumours of the walking dead in London circulate, this secret organisation is recruiting for S.W.A.T trainees to deal with the zombie horde and save civilisation as we know it. Read More…

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Prepare to be locked in a room with 9 other people and a zombie that is chained to the wall! Hidden in the room is a key that will unlock the door to your survival. To find the key you must locate numerous clues and solve riddles. Read More…

Arcane (Whoops, you missed out!)

A secret world awaits… only those brave enough to enter through the darkness can discover the horrible truths hidden within! Join us for this immersive horror experience as you are free to explore this strange town and determine its future. Read More…

Zombie Blitz (Whoops, You missed out!)

Step in to historical 1940’s London, at the height of the Blitz and take shelter under Waterloo station in the maze of tunnels and vaults hidden deep below the surface of the city. As London endures the wrath of the unrelenting bombers, delve deep into the cavernous underbelly of a City under siege in World War 2 London.Read More…

Necropolis (Whoops, You missed out!)

An immersive Horror Experience in the heart of London. Deep underneath Waterloo Tube Station lays what is rumoured to be the remains of a notorious station. Take a trip back in time to learn the gory truth about the history of London’s largest underground morgue in an untold story of London’s shameful past.Read More…

Scarily good event management

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