NECROPOLIS – London’s Journey of the Dead

An immersive Horror Experience in the heart of London.

Necropolis Coffins

Returning Spring 2015

Hooded-Statue-NecropolisThe London Necropolis Railway opened in 1854 as a solution to severe overcrowding in London’s existing graveyards and cemeteries. The aim was to use the recently developed technology of the railway to move as many burials as possible from Waterloo to the newly built Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey.

Deep underneath Waterloo Tube Station lays what is rumoured to be the remains of this notorious station.

London’s Gory Past

Take a trip back in time to learn the gory truth about the history of London’s largest underground morgue. A host of interesting characters tell the untold story of Waterloo Station. Journey back in time to when the city’s graves were overflowing with corpses and Londoners were forced to take their dead on a one-way trip on the Necropolis Railway. Join us for shocking tales of crime, sickness and poverty.

Closed since 1941 join us as we re-discover the deep and dark secrets of this forgotten location. With centuries of disease, poverty, crime and punishment let us show you an untold story of London’s historical past.


*Terms and conditions apply, tickets non-refundable or transferable. We aim to run approximately 3 sessions per hour. Please note that there may be a short wait to enter the experience.

This event is no longer available – Watch this space for exciting new events and also the possible return of some of our old ones!

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