Whitechapel: Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron

WHITECHAPEL – Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron

Whitechapel: Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron


This event is now finished.


On the 29th of September, Scotland Yard received an infamous letter. “Dear boss,” it read. A gruesome note written in red ink that detailed the plans of a notorious figure, a figure who to this day remains unknown… signed, “Yours truly, Jack the Ripper.

Step into the night that follows as a citizen of Victorian Whitechapel. The streets of Whitechapel are haunted by an unseen man, the people consumed by fear and hysteria.

After a sell-out run in November 2016, Whitechapel: Suspects, Lunatics and a Leather Apron is back for its second and final run.

In this entirely immersive experience, you’ll become one of the following characters:

– A police officer based in Whitechapel, determined to catch the murderer and restore honour to H-Division – A member of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, a strong minded group patrolling the streets, willing to do whatever it takes – An impoverished citizen of Whitechapel, an unfortunate soul, one of the many people living on the streets at the time Interact with key characters from the time, have a gin at the Ten Bells or confess your sins at St Botolph’s Aldgate church.

Everyone is a suspect in 1888.

Walk the streets of Victorian London and explore the lives of Whitechapel’s residents in a time of mistrust, strife and a full-blown media frenzy.



Whitechapel London

*This is an immersive show based on the people of Whitechapel in 1888 and the events that happened in1888, not the unknown assailant who committed these horrific acts.

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